Actually this page should start like a flaming love letter … but I didn’t find the right words yet. A love letter dedicated to the best invention since Dynamics 365 itself: XrmToolBox. It’s the indispensible tool of trade for every administrator, architect, developer and even user who works with Dynamics 365 or the underlying Common Data Service on a professional basis. I would go so far, and asking a candidate in a hiring process how often per workday he uses XrmToolBox. Answers like “never” or “XrmToolWhat..?!” will shorten the hiring process dramatically.

TL;DR; XrmToolbox provides the infrastructure and the stage for any kind of tool you would need and you can imagine.

The public plugin repository (officially renamed to “Tool library” recently) as of today (12.03.2020) counts more than 190 entries and is raising steadily. The cool thing is, that XrmToolBox is free, open source and can be extended by everybody.

When the public plugin repository doesn’t already have the solution to the problem you have or the task you are going to accomplish, no problem: just spin up Visual Studio and start hacking your own XrmToolBox Plugin. Like me.

In 2018 or so I started developing plugins for XrmToolBox. My first plugin is also freely available in the public plugin repository. In the meantime I developed several more XrmToolbox plugins mainly for internal purposes or contract work.

My public plugin(s)

Looking for a very special XrmToolbox plugin that suits exactly your needs?

Just give me ping! 📧 Every now an then I am available for doing some contract work and I am always open for exciting ideas!