(Undocumented) Maintenance job types of CRM Async Processing Services

In a customer’s CRM2016 On-Premise cluster deployment the CRM Asynchronous Processing Service gets stuck in a more or less periodic interval. Sounds like kind of leakage somewhere … So I started with problem analysis by crunching Windows Server event logs and CRM systemjob logs into co-related timeseries data, visualizing them and then considering typical suspects like auditing CRM maintenance job configurations, custom-developed CRM processes and general MSSQL database state. While doing so I noticed several log entries for a CRM maintenance task with type code “61“. The fact that this task type is not documented in any of the official sources nor Google did yield some search results made me curious.

But first let’s quickly recap the list of officially documented maintenance task types:

1 System Event
2 Bulk Email
3 Import File Parse
4 Transform Parse Data
5 Import
6 Activity Propagation
7 Duplicate Detection Rule Publish
8 Bulk Duplicate Detection
9 SQM Data Collection
10 Workflow
11 Quick Campaign
12 Matchcode Update
13 Bulk Delete
14 Deletion Service
15 Index Management
16 Collect Organization Statistics
17 Import Subprocess
18 Calculate Organization Storage Size
19 Collect Organization Database Statistics
20 Collection Organization Size Statistics
21 Database Tuning
22 Calculate Organization Maximum Storage Size
23 Bulk Delete Subprocess
24 Update Statistic Intervals
25 Organization Full Text Catalog Index
26 Database log backup
27 Update Contract States
28 DBCC SHRINKDATABASE maintenance job
29 DBCC SHRINKFILE maintenance job
30 Reindex all indices maintenance job
31 Storage Limit Notification
32 Cleanup inactive workflow assemblies
35 Recurring Series Expansion
38 Import Sample Data
40 Goal Roll Up
41 Audit Partition Creation
42 Check For Language Pack Updates
43 Provision Language Pack
44 Update Organization Database
45 Update Solution
46 Regenerate Entity Row Count Snapshot Data
47 Regenerate Read Share Snapshot Data
50 Outgoing Activity
51 Incoming Email Processing
52 Mailbox Test Access
53 Encryption Health Check
54 Execute Async Request
49 Post to Yammer
56 Update Entitlement States
57 Calculate Rollup Field
58 Mass Calculate Rollup Field
59 Import Translation
62 Convert Date And Time Behavior
63 EntityKey Index Creation
65 Update Knowledge Article States
68 Resource Booking Sync

Source: MSDN asyncoperation entity type

After doing some quick deep dive into miscellaneous assembly sources I unveiled the description of CRM maintenance task type 61:

61 Check FullText Column Status

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