Beware of Dynamics 365 Web API: When attribute and entity have same names

With increasing maturity of the OData Web API exposed by Dynamics 365 CE/CRM its adoption does also steadily increase. From my perspective especially from JavaScript client codes. While the Web API doubtlessly has its sweetspots, it also comes with a lot of pitfalls and limitations (yet) we must get comfortable with and become aware of.

One of these pitfalls which I want to recall today, was already covered back in 2017 by Tip #970: When attribute and entity collide and goes like this:

While (technically) the CRM platform allows an attribute to have the same name as the entity it is defined on, the OData Web API is not capable of handling this and simple throws an “Could not find a property” HTTP 400 error.

Keep in mind when designing the entity model: Avoid naming collisions by never giving an attribute the same schema name as its parent entity.

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